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We live in a world where people are constantly moving, constantly trying to accelerate towards a future that we ourselves have been tasked to build. As we work our way towards this future, we are bound to run into roadblocks and problems along the way; such is life. 

This is precisely why it is so important to create a dialogue with others and to share ideas in order to brainstorm new ways to improve our society. We hope to serve as the platform to do this and to spark ideas within every single one of our attendees. 

VIRTUAL GATHERINGS - Due to COVID-19, our initial physical conference was canceled. At first, we endeavored to wait until a physical event was possible and still work to make a difference in our communities. However, we saw Virtual Gatherings as an opportunity to engage with even more people than we had originally planned and as a way to spark conversation in time when conversation can be limited due to isolation. Virtual Gatherings is a new and exciting way to hold TEDx events, especially considering the circumstances. 

Pushing Forward: 2021
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