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Career Day Curriculum

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Reinventing Career Day

The Problem?

Social entrepreneurship is rarely taught in high school settings. Secondly, students across the country are frustrated with the lack of career planning and resources provided to them throughout high school.


The Solution?

Reinventing Career Day is an interactive and educational course that has joined the Social Entrepreneurship Curriculum powered by the Fulphil E-Lab. Created in partnership by Youth@Berwyn and Fulphil, the Career and Social Entrepreneurship Curriculum provides youth with the resources needed to better understand the different fields in which this social change can be made and to help them determine fields of personal interest. This innovative curriculum provides content accessible online through e-textbooks, online assignments, activities, workshops, and interviews with industry professionals. The problem with many career days across the nation is the lack of additional resources offered to students.  a problem that is rectified through Reinventing Career Day by providing students with resources such as interviews with professionals and additional opportunities for real-life experience. 


Fulphil, a 501(c)3 focused on empowering youth leaders and teaching them social entrepreneurship skills. Youth@Berwyn is excited to be fiscally sponsored by Fulphil and to be adding our own content to the curriculum as well as collaborating on other projects with Fulphil in the future. 


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