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Breaking Barriers


1:00-3:00 PM EST

Breaking Barriers, the 2022 theme, focuses on defying the “norms” of society. How can we introduce new and contemporary ideas into even the most ordinary parts of our life? How can we evolve to make our world a more inclusive place? This theme is all about impact and change, whether that be on a personal level or a global scale. Most importantly, it’s about celebrating progress. We are looking for speakers that come from diverse backgrounds and professions to speak to youth on how they can break barriers of their own. 

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VIRTUAL GATHERINGS - We saw Virtual Gatherings as an opportunity to engage with even more people than we had originally planned and as a way to spark conversation in time when conversation can be limited due to isolation. Virtual Gatherings is a new and exciting way to hold TEDx events, especially considering the circumstances surrounding the pandemic and social distancing regulations. . 

Pushing Forward: 2021
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