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Community Spotlight: REC Philly

Lights, camera, action! In our past events, you may have noticed the uniform scenery, pleasant backdrops, and clear lighting that created the mood for each speaker’s talk. In addition to the amazing ideas presented by our speakers, a cohesive design and aesthetic is needed to make our events what they are- not to mention the amazing video quality for our audience to enjoy. Our virtual TEDx events are made possible by none other than REC Philly.

REC Philly is a creative agency located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was founded in 2015 by Will Toms and Dave Silver. Their belief was that talented individuals should not have to move to LA or New York City to be noticed- they should have their own space and resources to make a name for themselves on their own terms. Operating on a membership basis, REC Philly has opened their doors for anyone who has a creative dream.

Known as a “place for creators”, REC Philly is a space where music artists, entrepreneurs, and anyone in the entertainment industry can get together and make magic happen. They operate on three core principles: direct-to-consumer entrepreneurship, resource sharing, and establishing a safe space for creators. REC Philly teaches members how to use the internet to turn their dreams into a profitable business while providing them with resources to keep their business running. Their goal is to make their facility feel like a safe area where all creators can be themselves.

Equipped with recording studios, conference rooms, design studios, a live performance stage, and more, REC Philly has numerous tools and equipment that members can use. In addition, they hold live and virtual events for creators to share ideas and get inspired. They can be booked for production at events, and can film/hold events in their own space as well. Finally, they feature talent booking where people can find artists with diverse talents.

Over the years, REC Philly has strived to enable communication and collaboration between individuals to help serve a bigger and better music industry. Overall, by supporting and providing space and resources for new artists and entrepreneurs, REC Philly helps inspire individuals of the new generation to pursue their talents and dreams.

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