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Our Goals and Impacts

Since its founding in 2019, TEDxYouth@Berwyn has strived to give youth the opportunity to create change and innovation within their communities and beyond. We continue to do our best in creating long lasting impacts in our community. We saw the ideas and talents that teenagers in Berwyn possessed. Through TEDxYouth@Berwyn, we hope to give these individuals a platform where they can share their ideas and come together to act on them.

Throughout the past few years, we hosted three TEDx conferences.They have each been held virtually on YouTube Premieres, spanning the themes of Pushing Forward, Society & Self, and Breaking Barriers.

Two of our youth attendees kindly shared their thoughts on our events:

“I love the impact of the Berwyn TEDx Conferences. The amount of diverse people and topics included in the conference makes it an enjoyable, inspiring experience for the listener. It is apparent that everyone involved was dedicated to spreading ideas of impact and change.”

“I loved seeing powerful and motivational speakers from my local area share the lessons they’ve learned. As a youth focused event it helps to learn from our different paths since we haven’t had that many experiences yet ourselves.”

Encouraging words like these from our attendees drive us to continue the work that we do. In total, we have invited 22 speakers who have reached tens of thousands of community members. Two of the speakers from our 2022 Breaking Barriers conference have shared their thoughts on TEDxYouth@Berwyn:

“Collaborating with TEDxYouth@Berwyn was such an amazing and especially fun experience I will never forget! The entire process from start to finish was incredibly organized, smooth, and memorable. Each team member was so helpful and easy to work with -- they're simply the best!” - Kelli Chu, 2022 Breaking Barriers event speaker

“I had a great experience speaking at the 2022 TEDxYouth@Berwyn conference. It was such a joy working with this group of young individuals who truly exemplify what professionalism and youth leadership is. Thank you again for having me!” - Carolina Rial, 2022 Breaking Barriers event speaker

Working with all of our speakers has been a gratifying and enriching experience. Our goal is to use the feedback from our past attendees to improve our work and reach an even wider scope of people. We hope that our platform helps inspire youth to create memorable impacts in their communities.

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