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Reflection of June Event

This past June, our team held our second virtual TEDx conference. With our theme of Society and Self, the event focused on exploring the ways in which individual actions can impact entire communities. Throughout the event, the audience was encouraged to consider the role they play in their own communities, and how their personal actions can create a ripple effect throughout an entire community or town.

We had the privilege of continuing our partnership with REC Philly to put together our event. Using the space, personnel, and equipment REC Philly provided, our conference was able to take place virtually due to the ongoing pandemic. A huge thanks to them for allowing us to create such a spectacular event!

The 2021 Conference consisted of 8 speakers from around the country. Each speaker provided a unique take on the theme Society and Self. From topics about personal growth to AI biases, the event encompassed a diverse array of ideas.

One of our speakers, Lakshmi Shyamakrishnan, focused on inclusivity in our world. Being a person with disabilities, she highlighted the lack of fairness and accommodations for such people in many areas, such as employment opportunities and media representation. She recounted her own experiences with these issues and even was able to institute change in her own university.

Another speaker, Jacob Wittenberg, spoke about the importance of mutual empowerment. He outlined 3 key steps to getting the most out of collaborative work: take control by giving it away, apply your external focus, and build your relationships. He introduced an interesting statement: the best way to use your voice is to silence it. Building upon this, Jacob showed how listening to others may actually be your greatest advantage.

Looking back, it was clear the impact this event had on the TEDx team, speakers, and audience. Although still virtual, the event was able to reach people beyond the city of Berwyn, even reaching an international audience. Through YouTube Premieres, audience members not only listened to each talk but interacted with other attendees and speakers through an online chat. Each topic had the opportunity to be discussed, debated, and reflected upon, something central to a TEDx event. We are grateful for the opportunity to do so and hope that our attendees felt the same.

In our next event, we hope to embody some of the same principles our 2021 event did- unity, engagement, innovation, and most importantly, ideas worth spreading. But, as always, we hope to provide new ideas and perspectives for our community to hear.

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