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TEDx Today

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Our team was excited to bring our very first event in March 2020! We worked hard for almost a year to ensure the best experience for attendees and speakers. Two weeks before, we had to postpone our event due to lockdown. Although our team was disappointed, we planned to host the event in August 2020. As the closures continued to extend, our optimistic outlook gradually diminished. Based on the state of the pandemic in April, we quickly realized that the likelihood of our event taking place in August was little to none. However, we were and still are determined to continue making an impact and engage with our community virtually. We realize that everyone needs to come together during challenging times and help out in any way possible; even the smallest gesture of kindness can go a long way. Because we believe in “Pushing Forward,” our team decided to create TEDx Today. This event would allow us to better engage with the community and hold thoughtful discussions.

Why TEDx Today?

TEDx Today is an idea we pondered upon when discussing ways to engage with our community and continue delivering “ideas worth spreading.” Since we are believers in TED’s principles of education and innovation, we know how vital discussions are and the positive impact they have. TEDx Today will create a positive and open atmosphere for talks to take place and ideas to be shared, similar to our in-person TEDx event. We hope to motivate our viewers to become instruments of change and join our cause of “Pushing Forward” no matter the circumstances!

What is TEDx Today?

TEDx Today is a series of discussions on Instagram Live. These engaging discussions will happen live every Wednesday, starting at 5:00 PM EST. We hope you will join us every week to engage with leading professionals and individuals who will talk about various fields ranging from medicine, personal growth, education, and more! The discussions from TEDx Today will cover a wide variety of topics all relating to life during the pandemic. Since we also want to hear your voice, comments, and questions are encouraged. We will make sure that your ideas are shared and talked about. Hope to see you there!

What we Hope to Achieve

Our mission remains to expand educational resources and discover “ideas worth spreading.” We brainstorm to find other ways to fulfill our mission through the pandemic restrictions. TEDx Today will allow us to do just this! We hope the weekly discussion will connect and inspire people during this difficult time. By relating all our topics to life during the pandemic, we strive to create a more relevant conversation allowing every individual’s voice to be heard. Thus, allowing us to solidify the core values of society: education, awareness, and innovation. We hope to inspire every viewer to advocate for change and pursue their dreams. Our team hopes that you will join us every Wednesday at 5:00 PM EST to listen to exciting perspectives, further your knowledge, and participate in great community discussions!


Join Us:

Don't miss out on the opportunity to network and listen to leading experts in fields like education, entrepreneurship, and personal growth.

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