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The Simple Formula that Builds Courage

Jaclyn DiGregorio started her first business while in a senior in college which helped women struggling with food and body image. Her book, ​The CUSP Method, is also an Amazon bestseller and she is the Founder of Clarity and Action Consulting. Her talk focuses on courage: the most essential ingredient in using your voice, spreading your ideas, and creating true impact.


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Growth Only Comes Out of Your Comfort Zone

Kuda Biza builds profitable companies to solve the world’s biggest problems: education and hunger. He is the Co-Founder and CMO of the company Nunbelievable, which provides 2 meals for every box of cookies sold. He is also the Co-Founder of #ThisisMyEra. His talk will be about stepping outside your comfort zone to grow and reach your maximum potential.



    Lessons from Innovation

    Liam McKenna is a junior at Conestoga High School and a member of the Tri-M music honors society, as well as the National Honors Society. His talk will be about how deep brain stimulation is used to treat Parkinson's and the current medical trend of interfacing technology with biology.


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    Growing Power for Young People

    Megan Chen is an author, activist, and social entrepreneur. She is a current junior attending Newark Charter High School. She is also the founder and executive director of The Urban Garden Initiative. Her talk will cover the importance of taking the first step to solving a large issue and her experiences with The Urban Garden Initiative.

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    Dream Big, Think Smaller

    Tiffany Yau is a social entrepreneur and the proud founder & CEO of Fulphil. Her personal mission is to inspire youth, girls, and minorities to realize their potential to make an impact on the world. Her talk will be about decoding the stereotypes of what it means to make an impact and understanding the importance of youth.

    A Classroom that Inspired an Empathetic Scientist


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    This Party Trick Changed My Life

    Ben Conard is the founder of Five North Chocolate, which stands for great taste and sustainable sourcing. He is also a US Ambassador for Congress and has been named Top 10 Biggest Fair Trade Advocates in the World. His talk will be about juggling different activities and being prepared for the unexpected.

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    A Classroom that Inspired an Empathetic Scientist

    Ariana Abramson is a social entrepreneur and STEM advocate. She is the CEO and Founder of RevSTEM, a platform for high school girls of color to apply STEM topics to entrepreneurship. Her talk will focus on using STEM as a platform and space for creativity and out of the box thinking.

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