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Press Release

Fulphil Fiscally Sponsors Youth@Berwyn

Youth@Berwyn and Fulphil work together to create and share educational resources


Berwyn, PA- Youth@Berwyn is excited to announce a fiscal and cooperative partnership with  Fulphil, a Philadelphia-based 501(c)3 that promotes social entrepreneurship in high school students. Currently, Youth@Berwyn is working on Reinventing Career Day, an initiative to make Career Day easier and more accessible for students. These resources will be inputted into Fulphil’s Teachable course that will be offered to school districts and students around the country.


Youth@Berwyn and Fulphil first started working together in preparation for Youth@Berwyn’s first TEDx conference (TEDxYouth@Berwyn). Fulphil’s founder, Tiffany Yau, was a speaker at the event, and she and Youth@Berwyn are now collaborating on innovative projects such as Reinventing Career Day. 


Each month, Reinventing Career Day will focus on a different career field, such as government, medicine, architecture, engineering, and more. Students will access these resources through the ‘Idea-to-Impact E-Lab,’ Fulphil’s CTE standard online social entrepreneurship course, and engage with expert interviews, opportunities, and additional information on the career field that will broaden their understanding of the profession. This partnership creates a holistic approach to social entrepreneurship, one that educates students on how to make an impact, and in what fields they can make an impact in.  


“Our mission is to both educate and empower youth from diverse backgrounds. With today’s most pressing issues falling into the hands of young people, it is essential to provide them with both the knowledge and tools to build a brighter future. We are excited to work with Fulphil to continue uplifting young voices,” comments Unnati Gupta, founder of Youth@Berwyn.


Through this sponsorship, Fulphil and Youth@Berwyn hope to:


  • Share content and ideas related to both our initiatives

  • Roll out Reinventing Career Day as part of Fulphil’s social entrepreneurship course

  • Reach a larger audience and expand both organizations 


About Youth@Berwyn- Youth@Berwyn, a local organization based in Berwyn, PA, was founded by a group of high school students in 2018. Youth@Berwyn aims to inspire youth to be the instruments of change and innovation in local and worldwide issues. By holding annual TEDx conferences and creating career reference courses, they hope to promote this message in their communities. Learn more at


About Fulphil - Fulphil is a 501(c)3 that empowers high school students to make an impact on their communities by teaching social entrepreneurship. Idea-to-Impact E-Lab, Fulphil’s CTE standard entrepreneurship curriculum empowers students at every level, inspiring innovation, perseverance, and compassion. Learn more at

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